Thursday 25th July 2019
The Club's AGM this morning returned Bob as Chairman,
Jenny Collins as Secretary and Trish Brenchley as the 
Well done, I hope you enjoy your offices!
Morning All, 

Just a heads up for Thursday 18th July 2019.
After the exercises we have a visit from Robin to explain the benefits of oxygen and 
and a visit from Debs an NHS Nurse.
You will have an opportunity to ask all the questions you want.

On checking the website stats this morning, 16th July 2019; we have had 18,000 hits in all,
that is a lot of interest for a voluntary service club!! Thanks to you
all for your hits.


Hi everyone, it's been a while but doesn't mean we haven't been busy!
Now; The Space Building is being used as a polling station 
on Thursday 23rd May 2019.
We have been offered the use of the building on the day before
Wednesday 22nd May 2019. 10 am sharp for the exercises
 and general knowledge questions.


Happy New Year to you All,
You have enjoyed a nice break, festive fare and relaxation.
We are starting again tomorrow, 10th January 2019, we may also have
a guest, see you then!



Our Christmas Lunch at the Falmouth Golf Club today where we all enjoyed 
a really lovely lunch, very well attended and a very smart turn out.

Thanks to the Golf Club, staff and the chef for their hospitality. We'll be back!
Our thanks too for our Club Officers who worked behind the scenes
to make it run so smoothly.
A surprise presentation after the lunch was made to
Chairman Bob and his wife Tracey
for all their hard work in founding and continuing to run the Club over the past ten years. 



Breathe Falmouth Club welcomed Fiona Lee, respiratory pharmacist and Anne Jones
supporting community pharmacy, self care and repeat prescriptions visited us this morning
 to talk about inhalers, the different ways in which to use them, the right foods.
Our members went home with information sheets and were much better informed on
our medicines.



We were very impressed with the talk that Dr Anthony Thompson from St. Helen's and
Knowsley Teaching Hospital NHS Trust in Merseyside gave this morning.



 Take care in this heat with your breathing: there is less air to use when the temperature is high.

We had our AGM this morning, returning the Chairman to serve his tenth year, Maureen
as our Secretary and John stepping down from his position as Treasurer after five years
his office being filled by Patricia.
The club would not work without the questions between the exercises, the chair putter outers
and of course the members who work so well together.


 This is an unusually cold bit of weather, wrap up warm, plenty of hot drinks and that's
just at home. don't go out unless you have to.
 Stay in touch, the phones still work or send me an email and let me know you are okay.

Breathe Falmouth Club and Exercises on Thursday 22nd February in The Space Building.
It is cold, remember move around a bit at home. Make warm drinks,
phone one 
our other members, it is nice to hear a familiar voice.



Good Day, I hope you are keeping warm given the cold weather,
you can 'paddle' your feet you know even if you have your 
hands around a slice of cake!
Reminder; Wednesday Day 14th February this week, not Thursday.
Then back to Thursday again as normal on the 22nd February.

If you have a problem with this then ring either Maureen or myself.


Hi everyone, just reminding you that we are open tomorrow January 4th at 10 am.
Exercises and quiz questions, it would be nice to see
you all.
Best Wishes, Bob.


Last few minutes of 2017 chasing the clock to Midnight,
My thanks to everyone who put so much into keeping us going.
2018 is our 10th year!
A Happy New Year to You all.


A lovely Christmas Party this morning, thank you to everyone who helped to
organise the food, table decorations, raffle and the tombola.
 We did very well all in all!!


A well organised lunch at the Beefeater, Carnon Downs
Sterling work put in by Maureen and her helpers with all the organisation and our 
 friends were made very welcome too.
Just as a matter of interest; the number of 'hits' on this website has just past 10,000.
That is awesome.........!


We are are off for lunch soon, old friends should check their emails!



After nine years in the Saracen Bar at Penryn Rugby Club we have moved over to 
'The Space' ably supported by Victor, still on Rugby Club premises. Look out for our notice board
where you go to vote, we are there.


Very many thanks to Ashley Wall, Editor and Owner
for the September Edition of the Falmouth Wave Magazine:
 a brilliant full page advert for our club with quite positive results!!

20/09/ 2017


771 NAS carried out a flypast today at around noon for us in Falmouth and Penryn.
For a very long time, these helicopters from the RNAS Culdrose have been available for search and rescue
around our coastline, the noise of their rotors a familiar comfort over our homes.
 Anyone who shops in Helston 
cannot but feel a kinship with anyone who wears the uniform.
 Now this task will be taken over by another group.To you all who flew for search and rescue;

Thank you all for what you have done for Cornwall, keep well.



Aware of copyright we wrote to the Met Office to ask if we can quote from their website

 on information that will help us manage our long term conditions.
Not only about severe weather warnings but more the snippets of info to help us ease our breathing difficulties
 in poor weather.
To our delight we have been granted permission for the reuse
 of their website information
under an Open Government Licence! 

Another tea party in the offing and in such bespoke surroundings.
Quite looking forward to it actually, might wear the boater or
the panama. Those were the days!!
I say chaps, a bit of an update on this; why not dress up? Flannels and a boater, what?
This is turning into a tea treat now, there are more scones than Rowes makes pastys ........well nearly!
Everyone is bringing something to eat. 
Some of you have received the map of the directions to the garden, I apologize for the fact I had it 
downside up when I scanned and sent it and you might have made Par Docks!
Must try harder!!!
Would the person who offered me canoe hire, thank you but its five miles inland!


                              Robert Macdonald has created a QR Code for us so that the owners of a smart phone

                                                                              can view our web page details direct.

How cool is that!?