How the Club Began.........

The club was set up in 2008 by Chairman Bob who after attending a NHS pulmonary rehabilitation session at Falmouth hospital formed the group as an opportunity to continue their exercise programme. Membership is drawn from a relatively wide area around Falmouth, Penryn, Lanner, Stithians, Carharrack and Carnon Downs while several of our members are 90+. It is a self-help group doing exercises not only for breathing but also for general mobility and keeping active.

We warm up with walking for 10 minutes and then exercise with 2 minutes of exercise and then a 2 minute break continuing for 45 minutes. 
All of the exercises can be carried out at home, try getting almost up from your chair and sit down again and repeat, it is much the same as getting up from your seat on the bus. You will find your leg muscles are getting well exercised, we do these exercises for 2 minutes and then have the break. In everything, do what you can manage.

As with all exercises if you are not well or are under professional care ask first if it is safe for you to do them.

In the rest break we have general knowledge questions and sometimes the most amazing items of trivia!

At the end of the exercise session we have a song to relax and soak up the fact we have been working. 
Then we sit down to a welcome cup of tea, coffee and biscuits. 

We provide experts from the National Health Service in the use of inhalers, medication and oxygen therapy. 

There is a £2 per week charge for expenses and once a month a small raffle with prizes donated by members charged at a £1 each for contribution towards our rent.

Does walk but can't talk ring a bell? Get in touch via the Contact page; we can help!